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Policy Number ACA-016
Effective Date January 10, 2006
Responsible Office/Person Academic Affairs

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Academic Affairs Division

Policy on Final-Week Testing and Final Exams


(Recommended by the Faculty Senate at Senate meeting of April 4, 2005)

Scheduling any final examination or cumulative final test during the last five instructional days in any Fall or Spring semester is prohibited. Take-home finals should not be due on or prior to the last day of classes.

Exceptions to this policy will only be permitted if: 1) they are proposed by the faculty member of a course, 2) they are approved by the Department Chair, 3) they are agreed to by the College Dean, and 4) the exam in question will not fit in the time allotted for the final exam (i.e., must exceed three hours in duration).

Final examinations are to be administered in the classrooms in which the classes have been held, unless other arrangements are made with the Registrar and with the approval of the Department Chair and notification to the Dean.





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