Governance and Administrations Policies

IdTitleEffective DateResponsible Office
FOC-003 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Facilities Operations and Construction Flag Policy March 22, 2017 Office of the Chancellor
GOV-C07-001A Policy for Creating and Establishing UMass Dartmouth Policies and Procedures July 7, 2010 Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Unnumerated Administrative Delegation - Chancellor December 19, 1992 Board of Trustees
T93-017 Administrative Delegation - Provost February 3, 1993 Board of Trustees
Unnumerated Administrative Delegations - Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance December 19, 1991ff Board of Trustees
T91-100 By-Laws w/Audit Committee Charter December 11, 2008 (As Revised) Board of Trustees
T73-098 Governance Policy February 3, 1973 (As Revised) Board of Trustees
T93-060 Honorary Degrees September 17, 2014 (As Revised) Board of Trustees
T91-133B Student Trustee Election Policy February 5, 1992 (As Revised) Board of Trustees
T91-100 Administration, Finance and Audit Committee Charter December 11, 2008 Board of Trustees