Information Technology Management Policies

IdTitleEffective DateResponsible Office
ITS-001 Responsible/Acceptable Use of Computing Services January 11, 2006 as revised Administration & Finance
ITS-002 Email Communications Policy May 2005 Administration & Finance
ITS-003 Web Development Policies June 2006 Administration & Finance
ITS-004 Printing in CITS Computer Classrooms and Labs July 2000 Administration & Finance
ITS-005 Policy on UMassD Logon Account Eligibility May 2019 Academic Affairs
T99-060 Business Continuity and Planning Policy August 4, 1999 Board of Trustees
Unnumerated Computer Network and System Records, Logs and Structures Policy January 15, 2008 (As Revised) Board of Trustees
T97-010 Policy Statement on Data Security, Electronic Mail and Computer Policy Development February 5, 1997 Board of Trustees
T99-061 Record management, Retention and Disposition Policy August 4, 1999 Board of Trustees
T99-059 World Wide Web Policy August 4, 1999 Board of Trustees