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Data Security, Electronic Mail&Computer Policy Dev

Policy Number T97-010
Effective Date February 05, 1997
Responsible Office/Person Board of Trustees

Doc. T97-010

Passed by the BoT 2/5/97
University of Massachusetts

Policy Statement on Data Security, Electronic Mail, and Computer Policy Development
The President of the University shall ensure that each campus institutes data security, electronic mail and computer policies, and, from time to time, amends them as appropriate or as required by law. If any campus policy conflicts with federal or state statute, the applicable statute shall apply.

The President, together with the Chancellors or their designees, shall establish standards and timetables for data security, electronic mail and computer policy development on the campuses. Campus policies must adhere to these standards.

Responsible/Acceptable Use of Computing and Data Resources
Data and Computing Standards
Data/System Administrator Responsibilities and System Requirements
Data and Computing Guideline Definitions

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