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Business Continuity and Planning Policy

Policy Number T99-060
Effective Date August 04, 1999
Responsible Office/Person Board of Trustees
DOC. T99-060

Passed by the BoT 8/4/99


The President of the University shall develop and adopt guidelines to require each campus to develop, implement and test business continuity plans for its critical business processes and data systems. The President may, from time to time, amend the guidelines as appropriate or as required by law.
Such guidelines shall provide for the protection of the University's data and record-keeping systems against disruption so that the University business may continue uninterrupted. The guidelines shall make provision for:
  1. defining and ranking in priority those data systems or business processes which are critical to University operations;
  2. outlining responsibilities for business continuity planning, including assessment and analysis of the risk of disruption to each such process or data system; and 
  3. formulating plans for the prompt resumption of business functions in case of disruption.

The President, together with the Chancellors or their designees, shall establish guidelines and timetables for business continuity plan development on the campuses. Campus procedures must adhere to the President's guidelines.
Compliance with and implementation of the guidelines and applicable campus procedures shall be the responsibility of all University employees.
Upon approval of the guidelines or any amendment thereto, the President shall forward the guidelines to the Secretary of the Board of Trustees.
Business Continuity and Planning Guidelines

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