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Record Management, Retention & Disposition Policy

Policy Number T99-061
Effective Date August 04, 1999
Responsible Office/Person Board of Trustees

DOC. T99-061

Passed by the BoT 8/4/99

The President of the University shall adopt guidelines to require that each campus institute records management, retention and disposition procedures for the proper management of University records. The President may, from time to time, amend the guidelines as appropriate or as required by law.

Such guidelines shall be consistent with Massachusetts General Laws, c. 66 and other applicable state statutes governing retention of public and official records and disposition of obsolete records, as well as with any contractual commitments or federal law or regulation which may apply. The guidelines shall provide for the proper maintenance and protection of archived records, and for the adoption of schedules for disposition of obsolete records, which schedules shall to the extent practicable given University needs and requirements be consistent with schedules adopted by the State Records Conservation Board.
Compliance with and implementation of the guidelines and any supplementary procedures shall be the responsibility of all University employees.

Upon approval of the guidelines or any amendment thereto, the President shall forward the guidelines to the Secretary of the Board of Trustees. The President, together with the Chancellors or their designees, shall also establish specifications and timetables for the development of supplementary records, management, retention and disposition procedures and data retention/disposition schedules on the campuses. Campus procedures must adhere to this policy and the President’s guidelines.

Record Management, Retention and Disposition Guidelines
Data and Computing Guidelines/Standards Definitions

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