Policy on Uses of ICR Funds

Policy Number ACA-027
Effective Date July 01, 2006
Responsible Office/Person Academic Affairs
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University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Academic Affairs Division

Policy on Uses of ICR Funds


     Indirect cost recovery (ICR) funds are restricted to the following uses unless approved for other use by the Chancellor (or her/his designee):

  1. Development of new funding for sponsored projects and programs;
  2. Expenditures not reimbursed by the grant or contract agency;
  3. Reimbursement of grants and contract expenditures disallowed by the granting agency;
  4. Dissemination of results from grants and contracts;
  5. Instructional symposia and program development related to grants and contracts;
  6. Increase university research capabilities including information resources;
  7. Provide matching funds for new contracts or grants;
  8. Support research administrative and management services;
  9. Develop intellectual property;
  10. Build and/or renovate research facilities, use for operating or building maintenance or use for purchase of equipment to support research.
  11. Professional society memberships
  12. Conference or workshop attendance to present a paper to develop professional contacts (P.I.’s and student Research Assistants)
  13. Research materials include including books, software, etc.
  14. Stipends and/or payment of curriculum support fees for student research assistants
  15. Clerical and/ or technical support for grant supports, grant development and/or grant accounting
  16. Equipment purchases
  17. Software licenses, maintenance contracts and equipment repairs

Indirect cost recovery (ICR) funds cannot be used: a) to provide additional compensation for Principal Investigators (P.I.’s) during the academic year, b) to supplement a P.I.’s salary while on sabbatical leave or c) to pay a P.I. on a leave without pay. With the approval of the Dean, ICR funds can be used to pay a summer salary to  P.I.’s who are between externally funded grants. However, such “bridge funding” is not permissible for two consecutive summers.


This policy is effective July 1, 2006.