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Food and Drink in the Library Policy

Policy Number LIB-009
Effective Date September 11, 2010
Responsible Office/Person Library

Policy on Food & Drink in the Library

In an effort to make the Library a more comfortable place for study and research, patrons are allowed to bring in food and drink into the library within reason and in small quantities according to the policy below.

Please be mindful that food, beverages, and their containers, can attract insects and rodents, and can damage and destroy library materials, equipment and furniture. Help us protect the university's investment in collections and resources by following the policy and by cleaning up afterwards. Encourage others to do so as well.

We now have designated and furnished special areas on each floor for eating and relaxing. We are happy to offer these new facilities and hope you will enjoy your food in the designated areas.

When bringing food into the library, please be responsible and considerate of others:

  • Use sturdy, "spill-proof" containers to minimize damage to the library’s resources, equipment and facilities.
  • Dispose of any trash, preferably in the covered trash bins to minimize attracting insects and vermin.
  • Take responsibility for your spills, crumbs or sticky tables and clean them up.
  • Please report any spill or trash you see to library staff immediately so that it can be cleaned as quickly as possible.


  • Food and drink are not permitted near electronic equipment (ie. near computers/terminals, microfilm readers, and audio visual equipment, etc.).
  • Eating and drinking is not permitted in archives/Special Collections or near the library's map collections.
  • The delivery of food to the library is not allowed (with the exception of campus-authorized events).
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in any type of container.
We are all responsible for keeping the building clean and pleasant. Please respect this policy and help us ensure full use and enjoyment of our resources, equipment and facilities for current and future users