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Thesis Guidelines for Library Binding

Policy Number LIB-019
Effective Date September 11, 2010
Responsible Office/Person Library


Note: The official document Requirements for Theses and Dissertations Requirements for the Preparation of Master’s Theses and Doctoral Dissertations for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth can be found via the University's Graduate Studies at UMass Dartmouth web page.

Library Binding - General  Information
When presenting your thesis to the library for binding, it must be accompanied by an officially signed letter from the Graduate Office stating that it has been approved.

The student, or another individual acting for the student, should contact Susanne Andrews (999-8676) or Donald Burke (999-9159) to make arrangements for dropping off the thesis to be bound. We suggest that you call ahead for a time to ensure staff availability.

  • The library requires two bound copies at $30 per copy, both of which will remain in the library.
  • The library will review both copies to see that the correct paper is used, graphics are of good quality, pages are in sequence, and that it meets the UMD thesis guidelines.
  • They must be printed on high-rag-content paper (at least 25%) which clearly shows a watermark.
  • Both copies must also have identical, quality graphics (no photocopies are accepted) printed on the correct paper.
  • Accompanying slides must be labeled and placed in plastic slide-holder sheets. Each slide must be labeled with your name, title of work and numbered so it can key into the list of slides included in your thesis.
  • Accompanying CD-ROMs must be labeled with your name and placed in a CD-ROM paper sleeve. They are held by the library while the thesis copy is sent to the bindery. The CD-ROM is then attached to the back cover of the bound thesis with a self-adhesive pocket that is provided by the library.
  • For specific, detailed instructions consult the official guide via the link listed above.


  • Payment must be made at the time the thesis is dropped off.
  • Payment may be made by cash or check, we are unable to honor credit/debit cards.
  • Checks should be made payable to: UMASS DARTMOUTH
  • If you wish to have additional library-bound copies, the cost is an additional $30 for each one.

Thesis Pick-Up

  • The binding of your thesis copies takes approximately 4-8 weeks.
  • Extra copies must be picked up by the student or designee, however special arrangements can be made to have them mailed to a home address.
Once the library has reviewed your thesis and received payment, we will sign the memorandum issued by the Graduate Office(see the link to the official guidelines listed above). When this is returned to the Graduate Office you will be approved as having met the thesis requirement for graduation.