Absence from Class for Emergencies or Health Reasaons

Policy Number STU-002
Effective Date December 17, 2007
Responsible Office/Person Student Affairs
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Policy Statement
When notified that a student is injured, critically ill, or has experienced an emergency, the Student Affairs Office will be responsible to maintain contact with the student and his/her family, the hospital (if appropriate), and the student’s professors. In these circumstances, this office serves as a central point of communication.
In case of a student death (on or off campus), please call the Office of Student Affairs at 508-999-8600.
It is important that early contact with the family is established.

UMD does not have a university-wide attendance policy. Class attendance rules and handling of absences are matters to be resolved between individual faculty members and students.

The Student Affairs Office will become involved when it is not feasible for the student to communicate with faculty. In keeping with these guidelines, Student Affairs staff members do not write “excuses” for routine class absences, nor does any other office/person on campus. The Office of Student Affairs will, however, notify faculty members by email in cases of hospitalization, accidents, lengthy illnesses (usually when students are out more than five days) and, of course, family emergencies in which a student has a death in his/her immediate family. Students who find it necessary to be absent for short periods of time (i.e., fewer than five class days) should personally contact their faculty members regarding their absence as soon as they are able.

When a student needs the Office of Student Affairs to provide the faculty with a notification of class absence due to an emergency, the student should provide the Student Affairs Office with the following information:

Student Identification
Local Address
Telephone number
Email address
Dates/anticipated duration of absence
Reason for absences (e.g., illness, hospitalization, etc)
In addition, the Office of Student Affairs will need to know:

If the student is employed on campus, does the student want a campus employer to be notified?
If the student lives in the residence halls, does the student want the Housing & Residential Life staff be notified?
Once information has been obtained regarding a student’s absence, the Office of Student Affairs will notify the student’s faculty members, campus employer, and/or university residence hall staff as requested.

Questions, concerns and/or information to be shared should be directed to the Student Affairs Office at 508-999-8600.