Health Insurance Policy

Policy Number STU-019
Effective Date December 17, 2007
Responsible Office/Person Health Services
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Policy Statement
Massachusetts state law requires that all students enrolled in institutions of higher education, taking ¾ or more of the full-time credit load must have comprehensive health insurance. Additionally, international students on a J-Visa are required by the US Immigration Department to have additional health insurance.

In order to ensure that students medical needs will be adequately be met, thus allowing them to reasonably pursue their educational goals, the state of Massachusetts has mandated a minimum level of health insurance for each student taking a ¾ or more course load.

The Massachusetts state health insurance requirement includes all students taking 9 or more credits and all international students on a J-Visa status.

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth contracts with AETNA to provide coverage that meets legislative requirements. All students are charged for this insurance on their tuition bill. A description of the plan and a waiver card are included with the tuition bill. If a student has comparable coverage, he or she should subtract the premium from their total bill and complete and return the waiver card.


The Office of Health Services is responsible for ensuring that students’ health insurance meets Massachusetts State Law.