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Pre-Med/Pre-Health "Majors"

UMass Dartmouth does not have a separate pre-med or pre-health major. The only undergraduate majors offered in health-related fields are those in medical laboratory science and nursing. Clinical psychology and social work are majors that also have patient-related activities associated with them.

Students interested in preparing for graduate healthcare careers such as those in medicine (osteopathic, allopathic, chiropractic, optometry, podiatry, physician’s assistant, etc.) dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, or occupational therapy should register their interest with the UMD Health Professions Director:

Once registered, you will be assigned an advisor appropriate to your interest. If you’re not sure about a specific path, still register so an advisor can help guide you while you make your decision.

Select an undergraduate major

The specific program you plan to apply to determines the specific pre-requisite courses. Follow the links below for more information.

Common pre-requisite courses for many (but not all) pre-health professions usually include the following science and math sequence completed during your four years at UMD:


  • Biology w/ lab
  • Inorganic Chemistry w/ lab
  • Physics with lab
  • Organic Chemistry w/lab
  • Calculus I (recommended)


  • Biology w/ lab
  • Inorganic Chemistry w/lab
  • Physics w/ lab
  • Organic Chemistry w/lab
  • Calculus II (recommended)

Note: Many programs discourage summer courses. Be sure to review the admission requirements for the program(s) you may be applying to.

The actual courses that can fulfill these requirements can vary. Review the sequence tracking form for the list of courses typically followed. Careful planning is essential.

Be sure to check with your advisor well in advance of your registration time to avoid being closed out of a needed course.


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