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Once you have registered as a pre-health student, you will be placed on a pre-health email list so you can receive important email notifications regarding the Pre-medical/Pre-health Advising Program.

Students majoring in Bioengineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Medicaacal Laboratory Science and Psychology will be assigned a separate pre-health advisor, listed in COIN. Other majors may discuss pre-health interests with their program advisor.

Plan to meet with your assigned advisor at least once each semester before registering for classes. Be sure to plan your meetings well in advance of selecting any classes.

In addition to the faculty listed below, Dr. Mark Silby, Biology Department, is also a member of UMassD’s Pre-Med Faculty Committee. The Pre-Med Faculty Committee is responsible for interviewing and authoring committee letters, which are often needed when applying to graduate health programs. It’s to your advantage to meet with each member during your time here.

David R. Manke
David Manke, PhD

Associate Professor / Chairperson

Chemistry & Biochemistry
Violette Research 201B


Frank Scarano

Professor / Chairperson

Medical Laboratory Science
Dion 216C



Tracie Ferreira
Tracie Ferreira, PhD

Associate Professor / Chairperson

Textiles 218