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Faculty Advisors

All students interested in pre-med/pre-health should reach out to the program via email at

Students will meet with the pre-med/pre-health director and establish their interest and the type of graduate programs they are interested in applying to at or after graduation.

Students are then included on the pre-med email list which distributes important email notifications regarding advising and the program include events, deadlines, and more.

Students are assigned to a pre-med/pre-health faculty advisor in addition to their major program of study advisor. Students majoring in bioengineering, chemistry, biochemistry, medical laboratory science, and psychology will be assigned an additional advisor, listed in COIN. Other majors may discuss pre-med/pre-health interests with their program advisor.

Students should meet with their assigned advisor at least once each semester before registering for classes. Be sure to plan your meetings well in advance of selecting any classes. Students are also encouraged to meet with the pre-professional advisor in the STAR Center to ensure they are on track for meeting their targeted graduate school course requirements.

During the upperclass years in the undergraduate program, students will prepare to meet with the Pre-Med Faculty Committee. The Pre-Med Faculty Committee is responsible for interviewing and authoring committee letters, which are often needed when applying to graduate medical and health programs.

Andrew Revell
Andrew Revell, PhD

Associate Professor

Liberal Arts 367


Catherine Neto
Catherine Neto, PhD


Chemistry & Biochemistry
Science & Engineering 301A


Frank Scarano
Frank Scarano

Professor / Chairperson

Medical Laboratory Science
Dion 216C


Jessica Oliveira '00

Academic Advising Coordinator, Pre-Professional Programs

College of Arts & Sciences
Liberal Arts 222


Mark Silby
Mark Silby, PhD he/him/his

Professor / Chairperson

Science & Engineering 335


Tracie Ferreira
Tracie Ferreira, PhD

Associate Professor / Chairperson

Textiles 218


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