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Award Management Guidelines

The following procedures have been developed to assist faculty and staff who conduct sponsored projects manage the awarded projects in compliance with federal, state, university and sponsor policies and guidelines. 
These procedures are based on the UMass Dartmouth Policy for Development and Administration of Grants, Contracts and Cooperative Agreements for Sponsored Programs as well as other applicable internal and external policies and guidelines and best practices.

All faculty and staff conducting sponsored research and other scholarly activity should become familiar with these procedures.

The staff of Office of Research Administration are available to answer any questions pertaining to the management of sponsored projects.

Awards are issued to UMD with a principal investigator (PI) or project director named in the award. The awards contain terms and conditions that UMD must comply with. The terms include a project period during which expenditures may be incurred, an approved budget and rebudgeting requirements, and required submission of technical and financial reports. Along with the award terms and conditions, University, state and federal policies and guidelines must also be followed. 
The federal policies include the Office of Management and the Uniform Grant Guidance 2 CFR 200, which prescribes allowability of costs to sponsored projects, and the Uniform Grant Guidance 2 CFR 200, which prescribes financial management of awards.

The PI has primary responsibility for conducting the research and for assuring that the project costs and financial management of the account are in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated by the granting agency. The PI is also responsible for preparing and submitting the technical reports to the sponsor. 

The ORA is responsible for preparing and submitting financial reports to the sponsor. 

Any correspondence proposing modification of the terms of an agreement, including changes in the scope of the work, or an increase or decrease in the total estimated cost, or change in principal investigator must be processed through the ORA. Renewals, continuations or extensions must also be reviewed and submitted by ORA.

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