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Principal Investigator

It is the responsibility of the PI and his/her staff to notify their respective ORA proposal reviewer as soon as possible of the intent to submit an application, along with the Request for Proposal (RFP) #, the program description and/or any other identifying information. Prompt notification will allow ORA time to review the guidelines in order to provide guidance and interpretation to ensure that all submission requirements are met.

The PI is also responsible for ensuring that the following forms are completed, including appropriate department and college signatures, and sent to ORA prior to submission of each proposal:

Proposal Routing Form

Disclosure Summary Form

The PI must also ensure that a Participation Agreement is on a file for all named individuals in the proposal and for all employees hired subsequent to receipt of the award.

The PI is responsible for preparing all forms required by the sponsor and assembling the final proposal package, both electronic and hard copy proposals. The PI is responsible for understanding the proposal format requirements and ensuring the proposal meets those requirements. The PI is also responsible for ensuring all budgetary detail as required by sponsor and ORA is provided and that projected costs are compliant with federal, state, university and sponsor guidelines and requirements.

The PI is responsible for ensuring that any pre approvals required for use of human subjects, use of animals in research, or export controlled technologies are obtained.

The PI is also responsible for providing required supporting documentation to ORA prior to proposal submission. Requirements include verification of all cost share and match included in the proposal by the individual responsible for providing the cost share or match. See the section on cost share/match for additional information.

Department Chair and Dean

The appropriate Chair (or equivalent) and then the Dean of the School or College or his/her designee approve the programmatic aspects of proposals. This review should ensure that the proposal is consistent with the goals and objectives of the department, college or institution and should also assess the impact of the project upon the future resources of the organization and any changes in the level of institutional support which may result from the acceptance of an award.

Prior to signing, the Chair and/or the Dean must confirm the availability of space, major technical resources and equipment, institutional support personnel, and must endorse commitments for cost sharing, matching funds, or any proposed retention of project-supported personnel after the expiration of the award. If such confirmations and endorsements cannot be made, the Chair or Dean should refer the proposal to other appropriate campus officials for resolution.

Office of Research Administration

Office of Research Administration responsible for proposal development and submission is responsible for ensuring that all forms and documentation required by the sponsor or ORA are received.

The Office of Research Administration are responsible:

  • For ensuring that requirements of the proposal have been met and advising the PI to the correct font, format of attachments and so forth.
  • For assisting with budget development such as obtaining salary and wage information, proper calculations of fringe benefits and Facilities and Administrative costs.
  • For ensuring the proposal is compliant with federal cost accounting principles.

Office of Research Administration Director and Manager of Pre and Post Award are responsible for signing all proposals on behalf of the university.


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