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Web Design and Development's policies for the UMass Dartmouth web site take into consideration the overall World Wide Web policies and guidelines established by the University of Massachusetts. 

In the transition to T4, we are in the process of developing a new policy guide to be published here in the coming weeks. Please refer to the policies below, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Account security

Do not share your account information. You are responsible for your site and will be held responsible if anyone uses your information to log in and do damage either to your site or to our servers.

To protect your account information:

  • Avoid "remember me" options for browsers and log-in fields
  • Never save your username and password on public machines (such as in a computer lab, a library or an Internet café) that are not protected by an operating system log in.

Responsibilities of site maintainers

A permanent UMass Dartmouth faculty, staff member or administrator must be named as the primary client contact. Although students may be hired under the supervision of the client, the primary contact is responsible for:

  • content within the site
  • contacting WDD if there are changes in how the site will be maintained (client no longer able to maintain the site, changes in student assistance, etc.

It is your responsibility to inform the WDD if you are no longer able to update a site, so we are able to maintain up-to-date records for each site. If someone (colleague or student) will help you maintain a site, please have that person sign up for his or her own access.

Site maintainers accept these responsibilities:

  • to use the UMass Dartmouth web servers only for departmental web development purposes; do not use the server as a personal file repository
  • to not use the UMass Dartmouth web space for commercial purposes or publication of offensive or illegal materials of any kind

Remember, you will be held responsible for all content on your site. We reserve the right to revoke access privileges in the event of misuse of the FTP account, T4 account, and/or UMass Dartmouth web space at any time.

Marketing support

Access templates, presentation tools and submit marketing job requests.

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