CVPA MFA Ceramics Program

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60 credit, two- to three-year program of study

The MFA Artisanry/Ceramics program offers students the opportunity for concentrated studio work involving both technical and conceptual challenges. Through questioning and experimentation, students work to consolidate materials and processes while developing strong conceptual and expressive ideas.

Graduate students are encouraged to pursue individual areas of interest which may include fabrication of functional or sculptural forms. Students' work in the studio is complemented by courses in clay and glaze formulation, kiln construction and ceramic history and aesthetics. Students work closely with a faculty advisor to ensure guided exploration to develop maturity. Individual meetings take place on a weekly basis and critiques occur each month. Studies culminate with both a visual and written thesis.

MFA Graduate Program Progress Towards Degree Sheet (PDF)

Requirements for Admission

To apply applicants submit materials to the Office of Graduate Studies. To complete your application, a portfolio of 20 images of recent work must be submitted to For more detailed information go to Portfolio Requirements.