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Art History Senior Seminar Exhibition

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Art History Exhibition

The Art History Department requires all art history majors and minors to participate in the Art History Senior Seminar Exhibition.  The senior seminar offers students experiential and research learning through curation and exhibition within the context of the art history discipline.  Students will be produce an exhibition and catalog.  This exhibit is design to highlight the students’ knowledge of their discipline and prepare them for next level within their profession. Art History graduates have continued their studies in graduate programs and academic positions, entered professions associated with museums, libraries, archives, galleries, interdisciplinary and art institution as well as corporate and commercial related enterprise.

Art History Exhibition

2013 Art History Senior Seminar Exhibition: UMass Dartmouth Concrete Dreamin’   

This year’s art history senior seminar focused on the contextual influences within a cultural and historic framework on Paul Rudolph, renowned modernist architect of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth campus. The art history students research, develop the interpretative framework of the exhibition, created and executed the exhibition design and audience response and produce a exhibition catalog, entitled UMass Dartmouth Concrete Dreamin.  The art history senior seminar students also participated in Chancellor’s Inauguration Session, Embracing the Concrete, comprised of past and current architects of the UMass Dartmouth campus along with guided tours of UMassD campus and art history exhibition held at CVPA Gallery, April 16 -21, 2013 as part of course developed by Dr. Anna Dempsey and Allison Cywin, MLIS. (Presentation)

Students at Senior Seminar Exhibition

2012 Art History Senior Seminar Exhibition: UMassD the Original Intent Behind the Concrete Jungle

As part of the Senior Seminar art history students develop exhibition and produced a catalog entitled, UMassD the Original Intent Behind the Concrete Jungle featuring Paul Rodulph’s original architectural drawings.  The exhibition will explore the ongoing debate surrounding the campus design, by renowned architect, Paul Rudolph.  The exhibition will be held in the CVPA Design Gallery Room 154 from May 1 – May 6, 2012 as part of course developed by Dr. Anna Dempsey and Allison Cywin, MLIS. (Presentation)