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Student Activities

Art History students organize and participate in numerous activities and events specific to the discipline of art history and visual culture.

Art History Student Club Art History Club Charter

The Art History Club is the student organization on campus for those interested in art, its histories, and its role within societies. By coordinating educational events, building relationships amongst students and the university community, and fostering the ideals of civic engagement, members will build the essential skills required to advance and achieve within the professional and academic fields. Each meeting will be an exchange of ideas, diverse opinions, and values. All students are encouraged and welcome to attend. 

The Art History Club’s Facebook page is an active and vibrant forum for students and faculty to share their passion for the visual arts as well as to participate in the larger conversation within the global art community.  Keep up to date with your Art History classmates.  Join Now!


Selected Undergraduate Student Research

Art History Journal vol 1 cover

Volume 1/Fall 2014

3rd Undergraduate Art History Symposium Proceedings at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth