CVPA Jewelry/Metals Facilities

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Students pursuing the Jewelry/Metals degree receive individual tools kits, benches, storage cabinets, and ample workspace within the 9,000-square-foot facility at the Star Store campus.

Studios for advanced Undergraduate and Graduate students are spacious and individually partitioned for privacy. Introductory/Elective level courses are conducted in a separate classroom.

The Jewelry/Metals studio is designed so various processes for this medium occur within separate rooms or discrete areas. A list of these rooms/areas along with equipment is as follows:

Main Work Room - hammer/stake cabinet, 3 anvils, 2 rolling mills, 3 vises, drawbench, wood bandsaw, metal bandsaw, power hacksaw, machine lathe, spinning lathe, vertical milling machine, large drill press.

Casting Room - centrifugal casting machine, vacuum investing/casting machine, crucible furnace, electronic kiln, gas kiln, steam cleaner, wax injector, vulcanizer.

Grinding/Abrasives Room - pedestal grinder, 12" disc sander, 2 horizontal belt sanders, strip sander, bead blaster, sand blaster.

Metal Cutting and Forming Area - plate shear, bench shear, large and small bending brake, slip roller, 2 hydraulic presses, rotary combination machine.

Annealing Room - 3 gas/air annealing torches, lg. cold pickle, pitch working area.

Forge/Welding Room - oxy/acet. torch, Tig welder, anvil, 2 vises, lg. swage block, gas slot forge.

Acid Room - 2 chemistry lab hoods, spray etcher, anodizing and plating equip.

Electroforming Room - 2 copper electroforming baths.

Enameling Room - 2 kilns, 8' sink, drying box, complete set of non-lead enamels.

Finishing Room - 3 dual buffing machines, scratch brush machine, 3 tumblers.

Lapidary Room - lapidary machine w/ slab saw, 6" wet belt sander, 2 flat grinding wheels.

Light Equipment Room - Dumore drill press, Sherline mini-mill, Hoke torch, anvil.

Major Projects Room - 12x12' room for grad students making large scale work.

Photography Room - set-up for photographing sm./med. scale work.

Other rooms exist for: Critique/Slide presentations, Tool Crib, and storage needs.

Ventilation throughout the Jewelry/Metals studio is extensive. Elective, Undergraduate and Graduate studios have separate tool cabinets, anvils and rolling mills. There are multiple soldering stations in all bench rooms with Presto-Lite torches.