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BFA: 120 credit, four-year program of study

The BFA Textile Design/Fiber Arts program balances woven and printed textile design for industry with concept-oriented art object production in fiber and fabric. The curriculum has been developed with the understanding that professional textile designers in industry and fiber artists alike require the same rigorous creative background.

Undergraduate courses encourage development of personal ideas and aesthetics through exploration of creative issues and hand processes unique to textiles. Students are immersed in the study of the structure and decoration of cloth and other patterned surfaces through drawing and repeat pattern design, textile construction and surface embellishment techniques, and research into history of textiles, craft and contemporary art. Students complete several projects each semester, which might include two- and three-dimensional forms, garments, rugs, quilts, wall pieces, site-specific installations, and samples for industry portfolio.

Internships with industry, textile production studios or museum education programs are encouraged during the junior and senior years.

Pointcarre, a textile-specific CAD software, is used along with Adobe Photoshop for project creation and development. Courses concerned with computer design for textiles, and production and manufacturing in industry are additional requirements for the BFA degree.

Textile Design/Fiber Arts curriculum guide 2016-17 (PDF)

Requirements for Admission

All applicants must meet portfolio requirements as an element in the department's admission decision. Additional materials may be required. All applicants must also follow UMass Dartmouth's admissions procedures detailed in the University Catalogue.

MINOR: 21 credits

Qualified students may complete a minor in Textile Design/Fiber Arts within the Artisanry Department. The minor consists of 21 credits. To declare a TD/FA Minor, students must be a degree candidate who has earned at least 54 credits, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.000 and a minimum 2.500 grade point average in their major.

The Textile Design/Fiber Arts Minor selects 9 credits from a core of Sophomore level studios, then chooses a Textile Design or Fiber Arts track with a selection of Junior level electives specific to the program area. Students must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 in all minor classes in order to proceed in the minor. Passing the Junior Year Review is required if a student elects to move into the senior 400 level studio classes.

Textile Design/Fiber Arts Minor curriculum guide 2016-17 (PDF)