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BFA - 120 credit, four-year program of study

The Department of Fine Arts' mission is to maintain an environment where artists are committed to the pursuit of teaching, research, and creative work. As a faculty of professional artists, we provide a high quality studio education to students at the foundation, undergraduate, and graduate levels through formal, aesthetic, technical, and intellectual training. We prepare our students to become creative artists, pursue graduate study, or engage in Fine Arts related professions by granting the BFA and MFA.

Our goals are:

  • to prepare students to become professional practitioners in the disciplines of painting, printmaking, or sculpture, as well as equip them for other art-related careers, by offering high quality education and training in the visual arts
  • to give students a thorough understanding, appreciation, and competence in drawing from life through a rigorous four-year drawing requirement, which emphasizes and underscores the importance of drawing skills as universal to all visual arts disciplines
  • to encourage students to pursue their personal directions in art, based on a firm grounding in the fundamentals of their field
  • to provide those students who wish to continue their education at the graduate level with qualifications for entry and the values, which will contribute, to their success
  • our ultimate objective is to develop respect for learning and the creative act, to enable our graduates to contribute to human culture with confidence and dedication

Majors in Painting/2D Studies or Sculpture/3D Studies BFA degree

The Department of Fine Arts offers two majors: Painting/2D Studies and Sculpture/3D Studies. Students who choose one of these disciplines enter a rigorous, four-year program. As its foundation, each major has a structured, sequential drawing requirement, which provides a rich visual vocabulary and a basis for visual problem solving. The department teaches the fundamental principles and skills of each discipline, enabling students to acquire the knowledge needed to produce a coherent, personal body of creative work. Painting/2D Studies and Sculpture/3D Studies students have space, facilities, and equipment, which place the programs among the more desirable ones in the country. Juniors and seniors work in private studio areas. Each student receives individual attention from faculty committed to teaching excellence as well as the critical support that comes from working within a group. Students know that their instructors are active and respected artists who bring first-hand, up-to-date knowledge to their studios. Academic excellence is recognized annually by department and college awards. Fine Arts also has an active Visiting Artist Program that brings well-known artists to the university on a regular basis to discuss their work, conduct workshops, and assess developments in the art world. The Department and College host or participate in many on and off campus exhibitions. These experiences prepare students to enter the competitive, exciting world of the visual arts with confidence.