CVPA Department of Music Faculty list

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The faculty consists of a diverse group of international scholars and performers who continue to impact the musical world. Trained at the leading music schools and academies in the United States, they continue to be in demand for master classes and performances in Brazil, Russia, China, Eastern Europe, United Kingdom, and throughout the United States.

  • Maryte Bizinkauskas, Lecturer, Classical Voice
  • Meyer Brown, Lecturer, Bass
  • Kwabena Boateng, Master Artist in Residence, Kekeli African Drum and Dance Ensemble
  • Paul Cienniwa, Lecturer, Introduction to Music
  • Claude Cobert, Lecturer, Flute, Introduction to Music, Survey of Music History
  • Jamie Eckert, Lecturer, Percussion, Percussion Methods, Percussion Ensemble, World Music
  • Marcelle Gauvin, Lecturer, Jazz and Contemporary Voice, The History of Rock and Roll, Music Fundamentals
  • I.M. Harjito, Master Artist in Residence, Music of Indonesia, Javanese Gamelan
  • John Harrison III, Lecturer, Jazz Piano, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Vocal Accompanist
  • royal hartigan, Professor, World Music
  • James Hay, Staff Accompianist
  • Joyce Harrington, Lecturer, Saxophone Classical
  • Emmalee Holmes-Hicks, Lecturer, Strings
  • Trevor Kellum, Lecturer, Saxophone Jazz
  • William F. Kingsland Jr., Low Brass
  • Patricia Marshall, Lecturer, Clarinet
  • Tracy McGinnis, Basson
  • Andrew J. McWain, Lecturer, Music Theory, Jazz Piano, Jazz Studies (theory/improvisation/history)
  • Edwin Milham, Lecturer
  • Charlene Monte, Lecturer, String Methods
  • Michael Monte, Lecturer, Woodwind Methods
  • Tobias Monte, Lecturer, Wind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Conducting, Brass Methods, Trumpet
  • Marie Nelson, Lecturer, Music Education, Class Piano
  • Christopher Poudrier, Lecturer, Drum Set, Ensembles
  • William Riley, Lecturer, Music Skills, Classical Guitar, Introduction to Music
  • James Robitaille, Lecturer, Jazz Guitar, Ensembles
  • David Rufino, Horn Brass Methods
  • Mariellen Sears, Flute
  • Ronald G Sherwin, Chairperson; Associate Professor
  • Rieko Tanaka, Lecturer, Piano, Music Skills
  • Jing Wang, Assistant Professor, Music Theory, Composition, Electroacoustic Music, Virtuoso Erhu Artist
  • Weihua Zhang, Piano Accompanist for chamber choir and voice students 
  • Tianxu Zhou, Lecturer, Classical Voice, Voice Ensemble, Opera Workshop