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120 credit, four-year program of study

The Digital Media program at UMass Dartmouth is an integrated digital art, design and technology program with the mission of providing future creative leaders the skills and knowledge to meet the design and communication challenges of the of the 21st century. A key objective is to facilitate and develop graduates who are broadly educated, articulate, scholarly, visually sophisticated and capable of active participation in all phases of the design process. Students specializing in Digital Media engage in concentrated studies in digital animation and interactive multimedia. The Digital Media Option offers students the opportunity to improve their critical thinking and aesthetic abilities while gaining an in-depth understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of various types of digital media and technologies. This level of knowledge can only be obtained through consistent, hands-on experimentation under the guidance of faculty who have considerable experience in these areas of study. After completing the program, students receive a B.F.A. in Visual Design with an option in Digital Media.

Curricular offerings include: digital imaging, storytelling and storyboarding, two dimensional animation, three-dimensional modeling, interface design, web design, virtual reality studies.

The Digital Media program prepares students for both leadership and creative careers within the design field. This course of study prepares students for the following creative positions: art director/creative director, web designer, animator (2D & 3D), multimedia designer, broadcast designer, software application designer, interface designer, information designer, entrepreneur, producer, product designer, environmental designer, scientific visualization specialist, videographer, video editor, educator, multimedia programmer, artist, advertising executive, special effects designer, cartoonist, publication designer, and package designer.

Massachusetts is one of the world's hubs for digital technology. The Digital Media program continues to develop and advance the quality of digital communication with the goal of creating a more understandable world. Our vision acknowledges the actualization of digital communication media as an evolutionary force in mankind' s advancement.

Digital Media curriculum guide 2016-17 (PDF)

Requirements for Admission

All applicants must meet portfolio requirements as an element in the department's admission decision. Additional materials may be required. All applicants must also follow UMass Dartmouth's admissions procedures detailed in the University Catalogue.