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120 credit, four-year program of study

The Graphic Design option emphasizes the process of visual communication in a context of message, audience, environment, and technology. Students learn how to approach research and analysis of content as part of the design process, and learn to develop graphic translations—symbols, books, posters, interactive media—based on that research and analysis. In addition, classical and contemporary issues of typography are explored within the program. Projects in diverse media include letterform design, information design, book and periodical design, letterpress printing, and web design.

Students are introduced to an historical context of visual design as well as to state-of-the-art practices. This program prepares students for the diverse opportunities available in professional design practice as well as a continuing quest for personal and creative growth.

Graphic Design curriculum guide 2016-17 (PDF)

Requirements for Admission

All applicants must meet portfolio requirements as an element in the department's admission decision. Additional materials may be required. All applicants must also follow UMass Dartmouth's admissions procedures detailed in the University Catalogue.

UMD Admissions

Portfolio Reviews

The Graphic Design option has two portfolio reviews every spring semester. The junior portfolio review is required for all students intending to take Graphic Design V the following fall. The sophomore portfolio review is required for all students intending to take Graphic Design III the following fall.

Students are required to present a complete portfolio for both reviews. Material presented should include work from all of their design classes, a written statement and oral presentation. Faculty will make recommendations based on the quality of the work, written and oral presentation and the progress of the student. If the presentation or work within the portfolio is deemed insufficient, the Department Chair will be notified and students will be either dismissed or placed on probation. All protocol for dismissal or probation will follow the conditions outlined for students receiving grades of C- or below.