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124 credit, four-year program of study

The Photography program is a prelude to engaging with the professional photography world after graduation. In the 21st Century, that world requires both traditional and digital expertise. Consequently,  emphasis is placed not only on the development of a personal photographic vision encompassing professional aesthetic standards, but also on mastering contemporary imaging techniques.

The primary goals and objectives of each level in the program revolve around the development of a portfolio of images within a fine arts framework that reveals individual style, technical excellence and aesthetic sophistication, in addition to continuously deepening the understanding of expressive communication.

Students are expected to participate in individual and group critiques, lectures and reviews. Verbal and written competence is required in regard to examining, analyzing and understanding photographic imagery in all contexts.

Courses in general consist of labs, lectures, guest lecturers, discussions, slide presentations, papers and readings on a variety of photographic topics, including professional and ethical issues.

In addition to the Photo Track of six consecutive courses, the History of Photography course establishes the artistic and technological progression of the field from its invention to current practices, while the Studio Photography course explores large format photography and studio lighting. The senior year leads to a final portfolio and a gallery exhibition.

Photography curriculum guide 15-16.pdf

Admission Requirements

As outlined in the University General Catalogue, the submission of a portfolio is required, in addition to all other UMass Dartmouth admissions procedures.

MINOR: 18 credit

Qualified students may complete a minor in Photography within the Visual Design Department. The minor consists of 18 credits. To declare a Photography Minor, students must be a degree candidate who has earned at least 54 credits, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.000 and a minimum 2.500 grade point average in their major. 

Photography Minor curriculum guide 15-16.pdf