A video created by UCF, DHS and IACP aims to fill the knowledge gap and bring the DHS’ bomb threat checklist to life.

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DNA tool kit

1. DNAnet® is an advanced marking system that creates a forensic ownership link between you and your valuables.
2. Identify lost or stolen items by using a UV light to locate your unique ownership mark.
3. It’s easy and safe to mark 100 items. Simply brush on and you’re protected!

 DNA Marking Kit for your valuables! Click here for more info!


‌Department of Public Safety Advisory Board

Earlier this year, DPS formed a Public Safety Advisory Board comprised of community members representing faculty, staff and students.  The Board has already met several times and will continue meeting to address current issues surrounding public safety within our community. The members have provided great insight into community concern and offer suggestions on timely issues.

The following members serve in this important role from their respective constituencies.

Faculty-Dr. Carlos Benavides, Dr. Dennis Roderick
Staff-Peter Duffy and Carol Santos
Students- Barbara Okafor, Tianna Edwards

Please feel free to speak with one of the board members and bring your public safety concerns forward or contact us at 508-999-8107 or at the DPS email



TO: Campus Community

FROM: Col. Emil Fioravanti, Public Safety Director

RE: Drug Disposal Kiosk
Prescription Kiosk
We are pleased to announce the recent arrival of a new drug disposal kiosk at the Department of Public Safety. This kiosk makes it possible for any member of our community to safely dispose of unwanted prescription drugs, over the counter medications, vitamins, and even medications intended for pets. This initiative is part of a partnership between DPS, the Town of Dartmouth. The goal is to remove drugs from improper circulation and keep these substances away from children and out of the water supply. Similar strategies are being used in communities around the country and have proven successful. To dispose of unwanted drugs, one simply walks into the lobby of the Department of Public Safety and drops the items in the secured kiosk, no questions asked. A similar kiosk is located at the Dartmouth Police Station located at 249 Russells Mills Road, Dartmouth.


Please watch the stay safe videos below:
Active shooter in the workplace   See something Say something!

pic of run hide fight

  See Something, Say Something


Do you have SMART911 in your Community?