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The Department of Public Safety has assembled the following suggestions to help protect yourself and your property while you are here at the University.

Remember: If you are the victim of a crime, you are encouraged to report it as soon as possible:

  • Emergencies: 508-999-9191 or x9191
  • Information: 508-999-8107 or x8107
  • Anonymous Tip Line: 508-999-8477 or x8477

Physical safety

  • Always stay with people you trust.
  • Do not go anywhere with a stranger -- even during the day.
  • Carry a cell phone at all times in case of an emergency.
  • Call home periodically to let family members know you are safe.
  • Keep your identification with you.
  • Be aware of local laws regarding alcohol.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Property Safety
  • Always lock and bolt your hotel room when you are inside it.
  • Do not accept drinks from strangers

Property safety

  • Always keep your hotel room locked.
  • Try to leave valuables at home.
  • Lock any valuables you do take in the hotel safe.
  • Beware of scam artists or pick pockets.
  • If your cell phone or credit card is stolen, report it immediately and cancel service.
  • Do not carry or accept packages from strangers.

Traveling out of the country

  • Keep your passport in a secure location.
  • Bring a photocopy of your passport.
  • Know that laws and safety standards may be different.
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary with family or friends at home.
  • Familiarize yourself with local laws and safety concerns at the State Department website.
  • Never leave your luggage unattended.

Personal safety

  • Always walk in groups; don't go out alone, especially at night
  • Use the campus shuttle service
  • Use the Library Safety Escorts (from the Library to the parking lot), available from 6pm until closing
  • Avoid short-cuts; walk in well-lit areas
  • Keep your motor vehicles locked; try to park near a light
  • Have your key ready when you approach your car or home
  • Female students: attend a class
  • Carry a cell phone
  • Do not accept drinks from strangers; the drinks may be drugged
  • Report suspicious persons and activities: x8107 or 508-999-8107

Keep your property safe

To avoid becoming a victim, remember to lock your doors when leaving your vehicles. This is also a good practice when leaving your rooms or offices.

Electronics are tempting targets to thieves.

  • What to do if your cell phone is stolen
  • Remove all laptops, I-Pods and cell phones from your vehicles.
  • GPS devices: remove mounts, suction cups and wipe area on wind shield where GPS was attached.

Do not leave in your vehicle:

  • Purses, wallets, money and books

If you have any questions please email Officer Steven Mello or call 508-999-8770.

  • Keep your rooms locked
  • Do not allow strangers into your residence halls
  • Never prop open your doors
  • Keep money, jewelry and other valuables hidden
  • Lock valuables in the trunk of your car
  • Report broken locks and windows
  • Have your valuables engraved

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