Emergency Procedures and Assembly Points 


 Dion Emergency Evacuation Map

Tripp Athletic Center Evacuation Map

Dining Hall Evacuation Map

Policies to remember

• Make sure students and staff under your supervision are aware of these safety procedures and practice them.

• Be aware of the needs of persons with disabilities and be prepared to help them evacuate.

• Update personal contact info with Human Resources.

• Keep a copy of this info accessible at all times.

• Direct any media to Public Affairs.

In case of fire

 If you suspect or discover a fire:

• Evacuate immediate area after closing door behind you.

• Pull nearest fire alarm, located near stairwells and exits.

• Call campus police at 508.999.9191 if safe to do so. Otherwise, evacuate the building and call from outside.

If you hear a fire alarm:

• Evacuate as soon as you hear alarm and close your door.

• Do not open doors if they are hot.

• Use alternate stairwell if heat or smoke is present.

• Never use elevators.

• Proceed to nearest Emergency Assembly Point

• Do not re-enter the building until permitted to do so by emergency responders.

In case of medical emergency

Call 911 or 508.999.9191; tell dispatcher the patient’s name and location, including building and floor.

• Do not approach the patient unless it is safe to do so.

• Send someone to meet and direct emergency responders.

• Do not move the patient unless absolutely necessary.

• Check for Medic Alert bracelets if safe to do so.

• Provide first aid if you are trained and can safely do so.

In case of evacuation

• Stay calm. Do not rush or panic.

• Safely stop your work.

• Gather your personal belongings, if safe to do so.

• Proceed to the nearest exit.

• Do not use elevators.

• Proceed to the designated meeting point.

• Wait for instructions from emergency responders.

• Do not re-enter the building until permitted to do so by emergency responders. 

Criminal Activity

Immediately call 508.999.9191 from a safe location if you are the victim of or witness to:

• Assault;

• Verbal or other threat of bodily harm;

• Suspicious activity or suspicious packages/items;

• Crimes in progress;

• Weapons violations;

• Activities presenting a serious personal risk to anyone. Do not confront suspects or block their exit.

 For hazardous materials spills 

• Evacuate the affected area.

• Call 508.999.9191.

• Provide the dispatcher information on the material type, quantity, and specific location of the spill.

• Stay in a safe location to provide information to emergency responders. 

If a shooting occurs

• Leave the area as quickly as possible.

• Watch and listen for the suspect to stop shooting and reload.

• Take cover, hide, or play dead if you cannot escape.

• Take shelter in a secure area with:

          – At least 2 exits.

          – Doors that can be locked to prevent access.

          – Telephone.

• Turn cell phone to vibrate.

• Look for chances to escape.

Call 911 or 508.999.9191 to tell dispatcher your location, including building and floor.

In case of earthquake or severe weather

If you are inside:

• Duck, cover and remain still until the shaking stops.

• Stay away from windows, filing cabinets, bookcases, and heavy furniture.

• Evacuate the building if told to do so by building staff or emergency responders.

If you are outside:

• Move away from trees, signs, buildings, electrical poles, and wires.

• Protect your head with your arms.

• Proceed to the designated meeting point for your building.