Emergency Procedures and Assembly Points 


 Academic Buildings Evacuation Map

Tripp Athletic Center Evacuation Map

East Dorms Evacuation Map

  Woodlands Dorms Evacuation Map

Public Safety Steam Plant Evacuation Map

Policies to remember

• Make sure students and staff under your supervision are aware of these safety procedures and practice them.

• Be aware of the needs of persons with disabilities and be prepared to help them evacuate.

• Update personal contact info with Human Resources.

• Keep a copy of this info accessible at all times.

• Direct any media to Public Affairs.

In case of fire

 If you suspect or discover a fire:

• Evacuate immediate area after closing door behind you.

• Pull nearest fire alarm, located near stairwells and exits.

• Call campus police at 508.999.9191 if safe to do so. Otherwise, evacuate the building and call from outside.

If you hear a fire alarm:

• Evacuate as soon as you hear alarm and close your door.

• Do not open doors if they are hot.

• Use alternate stairwell if heat or smoke is present.

• Never use elevators.

• Proceed to nearest Emergency Assembly Point

• Do not re-enter the building until permitted to do so by emergency responders.

In case of medical emergency

Call 911 or 508.999.9191; tell dispatcher the patient’s name and location, including building and floor.

• Do not approach the patient unless it is safe to do so.

• Send someone to meet and direct emergency responders.

• Do not move the patient unless absolutely necessary.

• Check for Medic Alert bracelets if safe to do so.

• Provide first aid if you are trained and can safely do so.

In case of evacuation

• Stay calm. Do not rush or panic.

• Safely stop your work.

• Gather your personal belongings, if safe to do so.

• Proceed to the nearest exit.

• Do not use elevators.

• Proceed to the designated meeting point.

• Wait for instructions from emergency responders.

• Do not re-enter the building until permitted to do so by emergency responders. 

Criminal Activity

Immediately call 508.999.9191 from a safe location if you are the victim of or witness to:

• Assault;

• Verbal or other threat of bodily harm;

• Suspicious activity or suspicious packages/items;

• Crimes in progress;

• Weapons violations;

• Activities presenting a serious personal risk to anyone. Do not confront suspects or block their exit.

 For hazardous materials spills 

• Evacuate the affected area.

• Call 508.999.9191.

• Provide the dispatcher information on the material type, quantity, and specific location of the spill.

• Stay in a safe location to provide information to emergency responders. 

If a shooting occurs

• Leave the area as quickly as possible.

• Watch and listen for the suspect to stop shooting and reload.

• Take cover, hide, or play dead if you cannot escape.

• Take shelter in a secure area with:

          – At least 2 exits.

          – Doors that can be locked to prevent access.

          – Telephone.

• Turn cell phone to vibrate.

• Look for chances to escape.

Call 911 or 508.999.9191 to tell dispatcher your location, including building and floor.

In case of earthquake or severe weather

If you are inside:

• Duck, cover and remain still until the shaking stops.

• Stay away from windows, filing cabinets, bookcases, and heavy furniture.

• Evacuate the building if told to do so by building staff or emergency responders.

If you are outside:

• Move away from trees, signs, buildings, electrical poles, and wires.

• Protect your head with your arms.

• Proceed to the designated meeting point for your building.