Costly Decisions Program



Costly Decisions: Alcohol Education Program

Costly Decisions was created for first-time alcohol offenders and focuses on:

  • attitudes about alcohol
  • the different levels of impairment due to intoxication
  • alcohol poisoning
  • courageous decision-making
  • operating under the influence

The program reinforces the legal ramifications of such behavior, while simultaneously providing facts that may aid students with their decision-making while attending the university and for the rest of their lives.

Program Goals

  • To have positive, interactive discussions with students regarding alcohol use on campus
  • To provide information that will assist students with their decision-making
  • To educate students about the legal ramifications of using and abusing alcohol on campus

Since its inception, the Costly Decisions program has educated more than 1,500 students and has received positive feedback both from students and university administrators.

The program is the first of its kind at UMass Dartmouth and is a recognized university sanction for alcohol policy offenders. The Costly Decisions program has subsequently been used as a model for other colleges and universities throughout the United States.

The facilitators of the program update its contents annually to meet the ever-changing needs of the UMass Dartmouth student community. Through this and other educational, preventive and proactive programs, the UMass Dartmouth Police Department hopes to continue to make a difference in the lives of students in the years to come.


The following comments from students who attended a Costly Decisions program indicate its impact:

"Both presenters answered every question the students asked, not only with facts, but also using their own experience. This definitely helped us understand our choices better."

"I expected the presentation to simply be a boring lecture reprimanding us for what we did, but in reality it was very informative and engaging. I would recommend this program to others."

"I learned a lot of things that I didn't know about UMass Dartmouth policies and Massachusetts Laws. I really enjoyed the 'fatal vision' goggle demonstration. This really made the program interesting and gave the students a chance to participate."