Tuition and fees

Please note: Billing is done by semester. Installment payment plans are available. All expenses are subject to change at the discretion of the University, the state or the Board of Higher Education. Charges will be confirmed on your first semester bill.

 MA ResidentsProximity/Regional*Out-of-StateInternational
Tuition plus mandatory fees
full-year rates
$13,188 $17,698 $27,473 $27,993
With room & board
based on Platinum Plan (unlimited meal swipes) and double room for a full year
$25,658 $30,168 $39,943 $40,463

*Ocean State Proximity and New England Regional Student programs

Students living in Rhode Island are eligible for the Ocean State Proximity Program, which offers reduced tuition and fees at UMass Dartmouth. 

The Regional Student Program allows New England students to earn degrees in areas not offered by their home-state public colleges and universities, at a reduced tuition. More information about the New England Regional Student program

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Detailed cost information

Mandatory annual fees 
Student fee $155.00
Technology fee $250.00
Individual college fees
(annual based on student's registered major)
Arts & Sciences $402.00 - $805.00 (based on student's registered major)
Business $441.00
Engineering $805.00
Nursing $726.00
Visual & Performing Arts $851.00
CVPA: Applied Music fee $643.00 per course
One time only fees 
Orientation - Freshmen $260.00
Orientation - Transfers $150.00
Orientation - International $260.00
Graduation fee $180.00
Transcript fee $100.00
Optional fees 
Mass PIRG $18.00
Health insurance $2,168.00
Other fees as appropriate 
Continuation of Program $250.00 per semester
Exchange fee $250.00 per semester
Re-admit fee $60.00

Books, other costs: budget $1,000 to $2,300

Housing rates and meal plans