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Logos serve as the visual identity of our brand, symbolizing the university’s official endorsement. They unify our communications and need to be applied consistently across all media. It is imperative to use only the authentic university logos* as provided, ensuring their integrity - do not alter university logos in any way.

*The university's institutional marks (logos) have been approved and trademarked by the UMass Licensing and Trademark office.

University logo

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Official logo: 2-color

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Official logo: 1-color

Examples of inappropriate usage

incorrect logo use: stretch

DO NOT stretch or skew

incorrect logo use: rearrange

DO NOT rearrange

incorrect logo use: recolor

DO NOT alter color

Download standard logo

University logo stacked

UMass Dartmouth
UMass Dartmouth
Download stacked logo

Spirit mark

Arnie the Corsair Athletics logo
Alternate Corsair blue logo (PNG)

The spirit mark reflects the vibrant student life of the university. The mark is not appropriate as stand-alone branding and should be used only when representing athletics or student life at the university. These marks are not appropriate for academic materials. 

Download spirit marks

College marks

College of Arts & Sciences at UMass Dartmouth

The colleges of UMass Dartmouth may use a variation of the UMass Dartmouth logo in advertising and marketing materials. These compact and streamlined college logos honor the UMass Dartmouth logo. When using the logo on a dark background, please use the reversed version of the logo.

Download college logos
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