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Official UMass Dartmouth typefaces

Typefaces were chosen to create bold, distinct headlines and easily legible body copy that would translate smoothly between digital and print applications.

The three primary UMass Dartmouth typefaces are Soleil (sans serif), Factoria (serif), and Bebas Neue (san serif). These are designated official university fonts and are available at Adobe Fonts through the Creative Cloud subscription. Bebas Neue and the alternative fonts for Soleil: Roboto and Factoria: Roboto Slab are available at Google Fonts and are free to use.

Fonts / Display

Bebas Neue

System alternative: Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold

USE: Headlines and main titles. This is how UMassD makes a statement and stands out. Headlines should never exceed 2 lines and copy should remain the same size throughout with the exception to the tagline. The text configuration currently displayed here is to be used more as a guide rather than a strict word mark lockup.

Fonts / Serif


  • Black
  • Bold*
  • Demi
  • Medium*
  • Book

Google Fonts alternative: Roboto Slab

USE: Select subheads, excerpts, and callouts. This is used like an accent color. It adds visual interest, and if need be, also helps get our brand messaging across more effectively.

Fonts / Sans serif


  • Bold*
  • Bold Italic*
  • Semibold
  • Semibold Italic
  • Book
  • Book Italic
  • Regular*
  • Regular Italic*
  • Light
  • Light Italic

Google Fonts alternative: Roboto

USE: Subheads, body copy, and any kind of long-form text. Soleil is our workhorse font; warm, accessible, modern, and versatile. Italics should be used sparingly; never for full paragraphs.

Font selection and display on web

For web, limit the amount of fonts within given font families to optimize web performance. The fonts from font families used on web are indicated above with an asterisk (*).

CSS font families

Suggested CSS font declarations for web are:

Sans serif typeface in body copy:

font-family: Soleil, Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif;

Serif typeface (for acceptable uses):

font-family: factoria,'roboto slab', Arial, sans-serif;

Sans serif typeface (for acceptable uses):

font-family: bebas-neue, "Bebas Neue", "Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold", Arial, sans-serif

Heading display

Heading 1 <h1>

Heading 2 <h2>

Heading 3 <h3>

Heading 4 <h4>

Heading 5 <h5>
Heading 6 <h6>

Paragraph <p>

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