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Branding your video content is essential to maintain consistency and authenticity. Many platforms can be used to create video content, below are recommendations and tools for branding your video.



Introduces the video before the action begins.

Video toolkit intro screenshot

Lower thirds

Used to identify speakers, usually in testimonial-style videos.

  • Text background can be a solid brand color
    • or a 50% tint of a brand color
  • Headline text is set in Bebas Neue
  • Subhead type is set in Roboto Slab
Video toolkit lower thirds screenshot


Help the viewer get from one scene to the next in a video. Keep the transitions simple—busy transitions often detract from the story you're trying to tell. 

  • In Adobe Express, use the Dissolve transition
  • In iMovie, use the Cross Dissolve or Cross Blur transition
Video toolkit transition screenshot


Closes the video and is an opportunity to offer a call to action in the form of a url.

Download a branded outro

Video toolkit outro screenshot


While videos from platforms like YouTube can be shared on social media, certain platforms prioritize native uploads, enhancing visibility compared to externally-hosted links. For example, Instagram exclusively supports native video uploads. If you intend to utilize native videos, refer to the specific instructions and guidelines provided for the respective platform. Before starting a YouTube channel, or any new social media account associated with the University, please review the Social Media Guide. 

Pro Tip: When uploading to YouTube, make sure to always have the following: 

  1. Thumbnail 
  2. Title 
  3. Description
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