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Photography is a powerful way to bring interest to social media, web pages and stories, and print materials. Here's how to get the best out of your photos.

  • Shoot in the highest possible resolution.
  • Turn on your phone's grid and position elements along the intersections of the grid for well-composed images.
  • Use portrait (vertical) orientation for social media.
  • Limit the use of filters. If a filter is necessary,  use one that maintains a natural look.
  • Present campus in its best light—avoid areas of worn grass, cracked surfaces, etc.
  • Avoid photographing people wearing apparel from other universities. There are lots of students proudly wearing UMassD on campus!

Telling a story with photography

Photography is an essential tool for visual storytelling and plays a key role in effectively communicating what's extraordinary here at UMass Dartmouth. Images should be authentic, warm, and inviting. Aim to capture the university's spirit in a natural, organic way, and avoid taking shots that look staged or generic. Always strive to capture our unique campus and the people that are a part of it. Our photos should engage viewers and showcase our students' aspirations and vibrant life on campus. 

Student walking on campus in spring

Photographing people

Our photographs of people should feel honest and authentic. Try to capture candid photography over posed to achieve this. Create dynamic images with a strong focal point by filling the frame with the people you are photographing. When possible, capture them in motion or action, and with natural lighting.

And always pay attention to the background:

  • Clear out any clutter or unnecessary propping
  • Choose a background that shows off the best of campus
  • Maintain as much separation between the background and the subject as possible
Graduates cheering at Commencement


When photographing environments, always try to utilize a natural light source and showcase the landscapes and architecture that make UMass Dartmouth unique. When possible, show the campus community interacting with their surroundings. 

Seek out a location that:  

  • Is interesting and dynamic in the camera frame
  • Is clean and free of clutter and unnecessary propping
  • Has an inviting feeling
  • Has natural light available

Always strive to:

  • Include people to add warmth
  • Showcase the unique UMassD landscapes and architecture
  • Show our campus community interacting with the surroundings

Photoshoot Tip: While shooting, keep an eye out for other brand wordmarks and logos. They’re everywhere on campus and it is easier to avoid them than to retouch later.


Aerial photo of the Claire T. Carney Library

Campus Life

Images of campus life should elicit feelings of engagement, energy, and familiarity. Viewers should understand there are real relationships between the subjects—student to student, professor to student, alumni to student, etc.

Photoshoot Tips: 

  • Take the time to get to know your subjects and make them comfortable
  • Make sure people are interacting while shooting
  • Avoid other branding
  • Shoot plenty of backup shots
  • Capture moments, not just people
Gracie the


It’s all about kinetic energy—shoot subjects in motion whenever possible. Frame and crop in ways that add to the motion. Following the rule of thirds will help (Turn on your phone's grid and position elements along the intersections of the grid for well-composed images.). Get an array of shots—wide shots and close-ups—to convey the moment.

Photoshoot Tips: 

  • Have fun. Get into the action
  • Subjects are moving fast—always check your camera's focus
Homecoming UMassD Football
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