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Maintaining social media accounts requires time and effort. We've put together some questions to take into consideration before you begin.

What are your goals? Write out specific, achievable goals and decide how you will measure your success.

Who is your intended audience?  Consider if your target audience uses social media. There may be better opportunities to engage with your audience—website, emails, etc. 

Can another account help you? One of the official university accounts may be able to help you share your message. You'll reach a larger audience without having to double efforts by managing your own account.

Setting up your account

  • Identify a coordinator
  • Define your goals
  • Pick a platform
  • Create your strategy
  • Check in with university social media team to discuss plans
  • Create your profile
  • Use branded UMassD logo for profile picture
  • Link to your website in your bio/about section
  • Add another person in your department as an administrator
  • Give university social media team access to your account: email
  • Download social media calendar

Social media platforms

There are many different platforms to choose from, but they all have specific guidelines and suggestions for posting. It's important to pick a platform that will help you meet your goals.

One platform is often enough to reach a specific audience, and it's better to successfully manage one than divide your attention between multiple accounts.


You have two options:

Decide which will be the most effective way to communicate with your audience. For many departments and groups on campus, a Facebook group will be more effective than a page.

Before you can start managing either, you'll need a personal Facebook account. 


You can easily connect with your audience on Twitter, sharing quick communication in real time. 


This visual platform is for photos and short video clips. You should only create an Instagram account if you have strong visual assets to share.

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