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Establishing a New Social Media Account

University Marketing is here to be a resource for the campus community's social media needs and can assist in properly creating pages according to the social media platform’s respective policy.

Creating a New Account

  • Identify your goals, content coordinator and platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Notify our team by emailing
  • University Marketing can assist in the launch of a new social media account but does not provide support in account management.
  • Student clubs and organizations that are recognized by the university and registered with the Office of Student Affairs may create and manage social media accounts to promote their activities.
  • Student club and organization social media accounts should use the UMass Dartmouth name or a variation of it, i.e.”UMassDartmouth” or “UMassD” in the account name or handle to be recognized by the University.
    • For Example: @umassd_students, @umassd_recretaion, @umassd_SAA

Account Administrators

  • All social media accounts officially recognized by UMass Dartmouth must have a UMass Dartmouth full-time faculty or staff member as an administrator at all times.
  • Should a UMass Dartmouth employee administrator of an account leave the University for any reason or no longer be assigned an account administrator, it is that individual’s responsibility to designate another employee to be an account administrator prior to removing himself or herself from that role. University Marketing should be notified when a new administrator takes over.
  • No personal email addresses should be used in the creation of a social media account. All accounts must be setup using a shared inbox setup by the University IT Department that can be accessed should an administrator leave the University.

Personal Social Media Accounts

  • UMass Dartmouth does not provide marketing support to faculty, staff, or student personal social media accounts.
  • Personal social media accounts used to represent the UMass Dartmouth brand should reflect content guidelines mentioned above.

Marketing support

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