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All University-owned computers require authenticated access. Users with a valid UMassD Logon must use this account to access University resources.

Individual temporary public access to UMass Dartmouth computers is available at the Claire T. Carney Library and the Law School Library, and for University-approved events held by external groups.

All users are required to adhere to the UMass Dartmouth Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy and the Information Security Policy.

1. Eligibility

Community borrowers with a valid UMass Dartmouth community borrower library card who wish to use University-owned computers can request a temporary public access account.

External groups must have a UMass Dartmouth faculty or staff sponsor to utilize University-owned computers. Access to computers will be arranged as part of the event booking and room reservation process.

UMass Dartmouth users with a valid UMassD Logon account are not eligible for a public access account.

The University reserves the right to deny a public access account or terminate access, at its discretion.

2. Credential Sharing

The UMass Dartmouth Information Security Policy explicitly prohibits the sharing of individual account credentials. A public access account is a temporarily issued, individual account credential and must not be shared with anyone.

3. User Responsibilities

The use of UMass Dartmouth computing resources is granted based on acceptance of the responsibilities outlined in the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy Interpretation Guidelines.

The use of a public access account and UMass Dartmouth computing or network resources for advertising or other commercial purposes is prohibited. 

The tampering with equipment, installation or modification of software, or bypassing of information security mechanisms is prohibited.

4. Account Termination

A public access account remains active until end of the calendar day it was issued.

The University reserves the right to revoke a public access account at any time, at its discretion, when any activity is detected that violates the Dartmouth Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy and the Information Security Policy or that compromises the integrity of the UMass Dartmouth information technology infrastructure.

Any unauthorized use will lead to permanent loss of the public access privilege.

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