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HR Leadership

Deborah Majewski

     Vice Chancellor of Human Resources
     Tel. 508-999-9293

Kimberley Pennock

     Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources
     Tel. 508-999-8073

Thomas Wallace

     Director of Labor Relations
     Tel. 508-999-8081

Business Partners 

Danielle Drabble Almeida

     HR Business Partner
     Tel. 508-999-8118

Elsie Furtado

     HR Business Partner
     Tel. 508-999-8388

Lyn Soderlund

     HR Associate
     Tel. 508-910-6014

Academic Affairs

Jessica Soares Cabral

     HR Business Partner
     Tel. 508-910-6018

Nicole Parks

     HR Generalist
     Tel. 508-999-9174

Anna Poon

     HR Associate - Faculty
     Tel. 508-910-6059


Leslie Mercure

     Senior Recruitment Manager
     Tel. 508-910-6474

Nadine Ramos

     HR Associate - Recruitment
     Tel. 508-999-8080


Sandra Escaleira

     Assistant Director of Human Resources
     Tel. 508-999-8045

Kristen Gaudette

     HR Associate - Benefits
     Tel. 508-910-6051

HR Information Systems

Jayne Weingard

    Assistant Director of Human Resources
    Tel. 508-999-8082

Michelle Oleary

     HRIS Specialist
     Tel. 508-999-8049

Elizabeth Race-Moore

     HR Associate - Operations
     Tel. 508-910-6052


Elizabeth Sherry-Cozzone

     Compensation Analyst
     Tel. 508-910-6454

Other Contacts

PAYROLL OFFICE: Telephone 774-455-7510 or
STUDENT HIRING: Student Employment and HR Shrewsbury.
EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION:  provided through The Work Number by Equifax employer code 18128.  More information can be found here.