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New Employee Orientation/Benefits sessions are held every other Monday.  Please contact benefits at 508.999.8045 for more information.


All new employees will be emailed a link to access specific new hire forms dependent upon the position they are hired into. Non-employee forms can be accessed on the HR forms page.  Forms for current employees are categorized by section in the HR Employee Portal

University Holidays

Following is a list of legal holidays and the dates on which they will be observed for calendar years 2019 and 2020.




New Year’s Day –
January First

Jan. 1, Tues.

Jan. 1, Wed.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 
Third Monday in January

Jan. 21, Mon.

Jan. 20, Mon.

Washington’s Birthday
Third Monday in February

Feb. 18, Mon.

Feb. 17, Mon.

Patriots’ Day
Third Monday in April

Apr. 15, Mon.

Apr. 20, Mon.

Memorial Day
Last Monday in May

May 27, Mon.

May 25, Mon.

Independence Day - July 4th

July 4, Thurs.

July 4, Sat. *

Labor Day
First Monday in September

Sept. 2, Mon.

Sept. 7, Mon.

Columbus Day
Second Monday in October

Oct. 14, Mon.

Oct. 12, Mon.

Veterans’ Day – November 11th

Nov. 11, Mon.

Nov. 11, Wed.

Thanksgiving Day
Customarily the fourth Thursday in November

Nov. 28, Thurs.

Nov. 26, Thurs.

Christmas Day – December 25th

Dec. 25, Wed.

Dec. 25, Fri.

*SATURDAY HOLIDAYS: In the event a legal holiday falls on a Saturday, all offices under the jurisdiction of any department of state government shall be open to the public for business on the Friday immediately preceding any Saturday holiday.

Managers and confidential employees:  As many employees as possible should be given off the Friday immediately preceding the Saturday holiday.  Whenever possible, the following Monday shall be used as the alternative day off.  Employees assigned to work shall be given an additional day off. 

**SUNDAY HOLIDAYS: In the event a legal holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday will be observed on the following Monday.

Pay Calendars

Bargaining unit employees please reference your collective bargaining agreement for more information specific to your union or visit our employee labor page at:

Conflict of Interest Law for State Employees

Other Helpful Resources

Other University resources can be found in the employee portal:

For more information please contact The Office of Human Resources at 508-999-8060.


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