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Cost of living information for scholars

The information in the link below gives a range of living costs for the communities surrounding UMass Dartmouth.  It includes estimates on cost of:

  • What you might expect to pay for housing
  • Telephone and other utilities
  • Groceries
  • A variety of personal/miscellaneous needs 

There is also advice about:

  • Finding housing
  • Leases
  • Area school systems for your children
  • Dressing for the New England climate
  • An explanation of the U.S. employer system of withholding money for taxes from your paycheck (as required by the U.S. Government and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts)  

Learn more.

The information in the link below was prepared by our Public Safety Office and gives detailed advice about:

  • Finding an apartment in a safe area
  • Understanding the legal requirements of a lease
  • The rights of landlords and tenants

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