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Length of Stay

Length of Stay

Scholars and interns on a J-1 visa are admitted to the United States for a specific period of time called duration of status:

  • D/S is marked on the scholar's entry visa and I-94 record upon arrival in the U.S.
  • Duration of status means that the scholar or intern may legally remain in the United States as long as the J-1 status is valid:
    • the DS-2019 is active (the ending date of the DS-2019 is a future date)
    • the scholar or intern is meeting all the requirements of the appointment contract
    • the scholar is obeying the J-1 regulations.

Term of Appointment

Scholar appointment procedures are governed by both the U.S. Department of State (DOS) regulations and by the University's policies on honorific and post-doctoral appointments:

  • The shortest appointment allowed for student interns, professors, and research scholars is three weeks
  • The longest appointment for a student intern program is twelve months
    • the appointment may be extended to up to two years (under UMass Dartmouth’s Honorific Appointments Policy) upon permission of Department of State
  • The longest appointment for professors and research scholars is five years; but
    • note that UMass Dartmouth’s Policy on Honorific Appointments allows appointment of visiting scholars for a period of only one year
    • renewal is not usually allowed
  • The longest appointment for a short-term scholar is six months
    • there is no minimum stay required
CategoryMinimum Duration of ParticipationMaximum Duration of ParticipationExtension Beyond Maximum Duration of Participation Permitted (Needs DOS approval)
Student Intern* 3 weeks 12 months Yes
Professor** 3 weeks 5 years No
Research Scholar** 3 weeks 5 years No
Short-Term Scholar N/A 6 months No

* Under the UMass Dartmouth’s Policy on Honorific Appointments a student intern appointment may last up to 2 years.

** Please note that, even though the maximum duration allowed professors and research scholars by the U.S. Dept. of State is 5 years, the UMass Dartmouth’s Policy on Honorific Appointments allows only 1 year and renewal is not usually allowed. Avoiding Immigration Scams

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