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Before You Arrive - UMassD Requirements

UMassD requirements & recommendations

Admissions process

For questions about the admissions process, please contact the admissions department directly:

Please address questions regarding assistantships directly to the academic department in which you will study.


It is important to make arrangements for housing before you arrive in the U.S., or else have money to stay in a hotel nearby temporarily while searching for housing.

Living on campus

Undergraduate students: Students usually make their on-campus housing arrangements as part of the admissions process. (Graduate students must make their own arrangements for on-campus housing and should follow the steps below.)

The standard academic year housing contract does not cover semester breaks or summer. Living on campus during semester breaks and during the summer costs extra. Please view the cost chart, including 10- and 12-month options, for on-campus housing. 

Graduate students: Follow these steps to arrange for on-campus housing. The University cannot accept debit/credit cards for payment of tuition, fees, room and board. Please also see Billing and Payments below.

1. Pay the housing deposit

  • Log into the University portal at and use your credit card to pay - Select Housing; one of the choices will be "Housing Prepayment"


  • Prepare a check payable to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for $200 USD and mail it to the Student Service Center, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 285 Old Westport Road, Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300 USA;
    • your UMass Dartmouth student ID number must be written on the check.

2. Contact the Housing Office

  • Email Brad Rohrer, the Assistant Director for Housing Administrative Services, at and request a housing contract. You will be directed to the housing online contract at that time.
  • For additional information, email:

Learn more about Housing and Residential Education and on-campus rules and regulations.

Living off campus

If you choose to live off campus, you will be responsible for finding your own accommodation. Many graduate students choose to live off-campus. Please view this off-campus housing information provided by the Office of Housing and Residential Education.

Disclaimer: This information is provided as a service to students with the understanding that the university has not inspected the rentals and cannot warrant their condition, nor can the university guarantee the professional behavior of the property owners or managers. A written rental agreement is recommended. Although care is taken to provide correct information, there may be unintended errors, changes or deletions without notification. Users of this information communicate, contract and do business with individuals, companies, or firms at their own risk. The university, officers, agents, and employees of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth shall not be liable for any errors or omissions made in the compilation or printing of this information.

For information about your rights as a tenant in Massachusetts, refer to these government agencies: 

Billing & payment processing

To check your University account for charges and payments, log onto your COIN (Corsairs' Online INformation) account.

Information regarding billing and payment options is found on the Bursar’s Office website.

Required health immunizations & insurance

Health insurance will automatically be added to your bill. All UMass Dartmouth students must submit a completed health form to UMass Dartmouth Student Health Services.  The form must include the immunization page, signed by your doctor. If Student Health Services does not receive your completed health/immunization form, you will not be allowed to move into your residence hall, register, or attend classes.

All UMass Dartmouth students must be immunized for the following:

  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria (Tdap)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Chicken Pox (Varicella) or show evidence by titer that they are immune.

Note that there is no titer for Tdap. In addition, all new residential students must read information about Bacterial Meningitis and receive the meningitis vaccine or sign a waiver declining it.

Health Services has limited resources to assist with the required vaccines and urges students to receive these immunizations in their home countries.

Completing and submitting the required health forms

All required forms and a link to the Student Health Portal are available at the Student Health Services website. We prefer that you complete and submit the required forms by signing into the Student Health Portal using your UMass Dartmouth user name and password.

If you have difficulty signing into the Student Health Portal, you will be able to download the forms from the Student Health Services site.  Once they are completed, you will need to fax or mail the forms to the fax number or address on the forms. 

You should also bring a copy of your forms with you. When traveling or living internationally, it is good practice to have this information available to you.

Remember to use the university’s forms and make sure they are signed by your doctor.

Registering for classes

New Undergraduate students typically register for classes during Orientation.

New Graduate students typically register for classes by consulting with the director of their graduate program or with their assigned advisor.

  • There is no formal schedule for meeting with your academic advisor during Orientation; so, you can email ahead and make an appointment after Orientation with your academic department or graduate program. Some departments will arrange to register you for your classes by email.
  • Look up your academic department or graduate program.


The University Campus Store opens for extended hours during the first few weeks of the semester. The store will have all your textbooks for sale online.  We recommend waiting until after your first class to buy your textbooks.  The cost of new books can range from $350 USD to $600 USD per semester. Learn more about textbooks at University Campus Store  

Student Employment

As an international student, your visa type determines your ability to work, where you may work, and how many hours you may work. Although most international students are eligible to work on campus as soon as they begin study, on-campus jobs are limited. For more information, see the Student Employment Office.

Many international students cannot work off campus until they have been in the U.S. for one full academic year per immigration regulations. After you have been enrolled for one full academic year, the International Student & Scholar Center has information regarding the requirements for working off campus. 

Social Security Numbers

In order to work in the United States, you must have a Social Security Number (SSN). To successfully apply for this number, F-1 students must have proof of an offer of employment signed by the immediate supervisor and by the International Student & Scholar Center. J-1 students need a letter of authorization from the International Student & Scholar Center. This application process will be discussed at Orientation.

Meals & food; local shopping

You may either buy meals and snacks on campus through Dining Services or purchase food to prepare for yourself from local grocery stores.

On-campus dining: Dining Services provides several options for dining on campus: traditional meal plans, declining balance plans, and block plans.  Some options require signing a contract and paying in advance for the academic year. Learn more about Dining Services.

Off-campus food and household shopping: There are large grocery markets near the campus: Stop & Shop and Shaw’s Market; a nearby Target store also carries groceries. Most household items can be purchased at WalMart or Target; and these stores are close by UMass Dartmouth.

Target, WalMart and Stop & Shop all sell personal daily needs. However, the closest one is Target. You can walk to Target from campus in about 15 minutes, depending on where your dorm is located. You can also take the Retail Loop shuttle Monday-Saturday to several stores in the area including Stop & Shop, Target, and Walmart.  


The Student Mail department provides incoming and outgoing mail services for students living on campus. Learn more about Student Mail.  

If you will be living off campus, or change to a new address while living in the U.S., visit the United States Postal Service (USPS) to officially change your address*.  

*You must always keep your current U.S. address updated in COIN. Most students will have two addresses in COIN: your physical (mailing) address in the U.S., and your permanent address in your home country.


The university's Campus Transportation department provides the free Corsair Shuttle service to help you travel throughout campus. Campus Transportation also provides information about other local transportation options including: Zipcar and local taxi services; The Loop, a free bus service provided by the City of New Bedford to and from the CVPA Star Store Campus; the Law School Shuttle Service; and the Retail Loop to access the immediate local area and stores for shopping nearby.  

Most services are available only during the semester when classes are in session. 

Our transportation page also includes information on the local bus company, SRTA, that provides service to the campus from the nearby cities of Fall River and New Bedford, but is not under University control; students may show their UMass Pass Student ID to ride SRTA buses for FREE.

Student Organizations

Learn about opportunities on- and off-campus to participate in recreational, social, and cultural activities and organizations with Student Activity, Involvement and Leadership (SAIL). SAIL keeps a list of student organization contacts, among them the Asian, Indian, and Muslim student associations.


The weather in and around Dartmouth can range from extremely cold in the winter (below 0°F or -18°C), to extremely hot in the summer time (in excess of 90°F or 33°C). For winter, be sure to get adequate clothing such as boots, scarves, hats, and gloves.

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