Cost Considerations

Study Abroad Cost Considerations

The cost of studying abroad varies depending on where you want to go, what type of program you choose (see descriptions below), and how long you want to study for. See our "" to read up on what types of financial aid are transferable and use our cost comparison worksheet to carefully estimate the cost of a program abroad. Each study abroad student is billed the standard $250 study abroad fee and maintains enrolled status for the term of participation in a study abroad program.

Carefully read the program descriptions to see what is included in the price. Don't forget there are a number of scholarships available for study abroad!

Types of programs

Faculty-led Programs - paid to UMass Dartmouth
UMass Dartmouth offers faculty-led courses abroad between semesters and as part of some semester courses. Costs vary depending on the number of credits, number of participants, inclusions and costs in the host country. Payment for UMass Dartmouth faculty-led programs should be made to the Enrollment Center and is applied to your university student account.

Exchange Programs - tuition and fees paid to UMass Dartmouth
These are agreements with other international universities that bring international students to UMass Dartmouth and open up an equal number of places for UMass Dartmouth students to study at that university. With Exchange programs, the UMD semester tuition and fees are billed to the student as usual and paid at home; food, housing, transportation and other personal expenses are usually paid in the host country. More information on current exchanges may be found here.

Third-party Program Providers - paid to the provider organization
UMass Dartmouth has agreements with reputable organizations that offer programs all over the world. Payment to third-party providers can be made directly or you can choose to apply the cost to your university student account and have the Bursar's Office pay the provider. 

More Resources

See the "Undergraduate Student's Resource" offered by the International Educators Association (NAFSA).