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Three Minute Thesis Highlights

2017 Undergraduate Three Minute Thesis Competition

First Place and and People’s Choice winner
Deborah Dele-Oni, Biology
Dissecting Comorbidity between Parkinson’s Disease and Melanoma in a Cell Culture Model
Internship Mentors: Dr. Anindita Bose and Dr. Gregory Petsko, Weill Cornell Medicine

Second place winner
Evangeline Kuzmech, Crime and Justice Studies
Evaluating the Effects of Online Sexual Assault Prevention: "Not Anymore," Bystander Intervention Training and UMass Dartmouth
Advisor: Professor Heather Turcotte

Third place winner
Madison Bailey-Schofield, English
British; Born, not Raised?
Advisor: Professor Anupama Arora

2016 Undergraduate Three Minute Thesis Competition

First place and People's Choice winner
Lindsey Ly
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in hemA confers phototoxicity resistance to visible light for Citrobacter rodentium
Advisor: Professor Vanni Bucci

Undergraduate Second Place winner (tie)
Daniel J. Durning
Expression of GCNT3 in anemonefish mucosal coat producing cells 

Advisor: Professor Robert Drew

Molly Hillis
The Persistence of "Othering:" Disability Studies as a Categorical Component of Literary Theory
Advisor: Professor Laurel Hankins

2015 Undergraduate Three Minute Thesis Competition

On April 30, six finalist competed in the third annual Three-Minute Thesis Competition. Four students took home the top prizes. 

$1,000 First place winner
Shravani Kakarla
Bio-production of ethanol via co-culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Ralstonia eutropha
Advisor: Christopher Brigham

$500 Second place winner
Nicholas Phillips
Growing bacteria to make bio-plastics 
Advisor: Christopher Brigham

$250 Third place winner
Kiley Alpaugh
The impact of therapy dogs on college students’ stress levels
Advisor: Elizabeth Richardson

$250 Audience Choice winner
Johanna Uribe
In vitro model of heart disease

‌2014 Undergraduate Three Minute Thesis Competition

Anna-Rae LeClaire

Healthcare Professionals' Perceptions of Older Adult Care in Emergency Settings

Advisors: Andrew Revell & Kathleen Elliot
$1000 First Place Winner

Dana Weinberg

A Solar Solution

$500 Second Place Winner

Brittney David

The Role of Language in Emotion Perception

Advisor: Jennifer Fugate
$250 Third Place Winner

Nicholas Macedo

Zebrafish as a Model for Studying Regenerative Therapeutics

Advisor: Tiffany Ferriera
$250 Third Place Winner
$250 Audience Choice Winner

2013 Undergraduate Three Minute Thesis Competition

On April 25, students presented their research topics and vied for prize money in the second annual Undergraduate 3-Minute Thesis Competition. Winners provided compelling and detailed descriptions and explanations of their undergraduate research within the 3-minute allotment.

Cassia Gordon

$1000 First place winner

"Exploring The Continuum of Gender Through Self-Identification"

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Robin Robinson, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

Lauren Papa

$500 Second place winner

"Occupational Prestige and SES in Relation to Cognitive Performance"

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Andrew Revell, Department of Psychology

Eben Crawford

$250 Third place and $250 Audience Favorite Award winner

"Zebra Fish and Implanted Biomaterials"

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Tracie Ferreira, Department of Bioengineering