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Policy Number BUS-006
Effective Date October 25, 2008
Responsible Office/Person Administration & Finance



One Guest Apartment exists on the UMass Dartmouth campus and is located in the Oak Glen residence hall on the first floor.  It is a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment, and includes a living room, kitchen, and private bathroom.  Pots and pans as well as bed linens and towels are provided in the apartment. 

The Guest Apartment is intended to support University staff and faculty who need short-term transitional housing as they join the University community.  The apartment is not intended to serve as an overnight hotel room for guest lecturers, University dignitaries, or faculty and staff who need a short-term (one to two days) accommodation.

The responsibility for scheduling the usage of the Guest Apartment rests with the Office of Housing and Residential Life Office and associated decision-making is the responsibility of the Director of Housing and Residential Life.  The Guest Apartment is generally scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis and is generally considered available in increments of a week and for no longer than a 2-3 month period.   The Guest Apartment cannot be “held” for a “possible” need or reserved for a new employee without a signed Guest Apartment Agreement. 

For details regarding the University’s expectations regarding the use of the Guest Apartment, please see the “Guest Apartment Agreement.”



The Guest Apartment on the UMass Dartmouth campus is located in the Oak Glen residence hall on the first floor.  For the entire period of usage of the Campus Apartment, the following information represents an agreement between the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (LESSOR) and the University employee authorized to use the Guest Apartment (LESSEE).

The Lessor agrees to allow the Lessee _________________________ to have full use of the Guest Apartment for the period of ____________________ until ____________________.

The financial cost for this period is ____________________ that, for tax purposes, is valued at $600 per month.   This cost is assessed in the following manner: 

  1. The first 30 days (or equivalent of one month) will have a cost of 300.  This amount may be prorated on a weekly basis ($75 per week).
  2. The second and third months will have a cost of $600 per month.  This amount may be pro-rated on a weekly basis ($150 per week).

The cost associated with the Guest Apartment must be paid to the Associate Director for Business Operations in the Office of Housing and Residential Life in the form of a personal or bank check no later than the last day of each month, or in the case of departure prior to the end of a month, the last date of occupancy.

During the LESSEE’s term of stay in said premises, all of the terms, covenants and conditions contained herein shall remain in full force and effect:

1.  OCCUPANTS - Unless otherwise authorized in writing, only the single person signing this document as LESSEE may reside in this Staff Apartment during the period of occupancy.  The LESSEE must specifically request approval to house a person(s) under the age of 18 in the Guest Apartment for any period of time, and in this circumstance, the LESSEE must be the parent or legal guardian of said person(s).  Subletting of the Staff Apartment is prohibited.

2. UTILITIES - The cost previously mentioned includes heat, hot water, electricity, telephone, Internet, and use of the laundry facilities costs.

3. USE OF PREMISES - The Lessee may not use the Guest apartment for business activities or purposes unrelated to their UMass Dartmouth job description.



LESSEE ‘s Initials _________
4. CARE OF PREMISES  - The Lessee shall not paint, decorate or otherwise embellish and/or change and shall not make nor suffer any additions or alterations to the property without prior written permission of the Associate Director for Business Operations in the Office of Housing and Residential Life. The LESSEE assumes financial responsibility for damage to the furnishings and to the apartment.  No washing machine, air-conditioning unit, space heater, halogen lamps, clothes dryer, television or other aerials, or other like equipment shall be installed without prior written consent of the Lessor.  No waterbeds, candles, incense or any other open flame devices shall be permitted in the leased premises. Massachusetts State Law prohibits smoking in this facility.  No window draperies or any other window treatment may appear except those window treatments provided by the Lessor. No signs, flags, banners, advertisements or other displays may be made in any window at any time.

5. MAINTENANCE  - All maintenance repairs should be called into the HFOS Office at 774-929-2423.

6. CLEANLINESS  - The Lessee shall maintain the leased premises in a clean condition. S/he shall not sweep, throw, or dispose of, nor permit to be swept, thrown or disposed of, from said premises nor from any doors, windows, balconies, porches or other parts of said building, any dirt or debris, except in accordance with the rules of the Lessor waste removal process.  The apartment must be returned in clean condition.  Failure to do so will necessitate that an extra cleaning charge be assessed to the Lessee.

7. DISTURBANCE - Neither the Lessee nor any guest shall create any substantial interference with the rights, comfort, safety or enjoyment of neighbors to the Guest Apartment.  The Lessee is expected to comply with any reasonable request made by a University staff person while on the UMass Dartmouth campus.  No articles shall be hung or shaken from the windows, doors, porches, and balconies or placed upon the exterior windowsills.

8. ADHERENCE TO SAFETY PROCEDURES - The Lessee is expected to vacate the premises in the event of a fire alarm and not re-enter until authorized by a Public Safety Official.  Under no circumstances may the Lessee possess, store, or bring a firearm onto the University campus, even if in possession of a license to carry such.
9. COMMON AREAS - No receptacles, vehicles, baby carriages or other articles or obstructions shall be placed in the halls or other common areas or passageways.

10. PLUMBING  - The water closets, disposal, and waste pipes shall not be used for any purposes other than those for which they were constructed, nor shall any sweeping rubbish, rags or any other improper articles be thrown into the same? and any damage to the building caused by the misuse of such equipment shall be borne by the Lessee by whom or upon whose premises it shall have been caused, unless caused by the negligence of the Lessor, or by the negligence of an independent contractor employed by the Lessor.


LESSEE ‘s Initials _________
11. INSURANCE - The Lessee understands and agrees that it shall be Lessee’s own obligation to insure his personal property.   The Lessee agrees to indemnify and save the Lessor harmless from liability loss or damage arising from any nuisance made or suffered on the leased premises by the Lessee, his family, friends, relatives, invitees, visitors, agents, or servants or from any carelessness, neglect or improper conduct of any such persons. All personal property in any part of the building within the control of the Lessee shall be at the sole risk of the Lessee. Subject to provisions of applicable law the Lessor shall not be liable for damages to or loss of property of
any kind that may be lost or stolen, damaged or destroyed by fire, water, steam, defective refrigeration, elevators, or otherwise, while on the leased premises or in any storage
space in the building or for personal injury unless caused by the negligence of the Lessor.

12. KEYS AND LOCKS - Upon the start of the occupancy period, the LESSOR will arrange to deliver a Staff Apartment key to the LESSEE.  No duplication of said key by the LESSEE is permissible.  Upon the termination of the occupancy period, the LESSEE is expected to return the key to the Staff Apartment to the Associate Director for Business Operations in the Office of Housing and Residential Life.

13. PETS - No dogs or other animals, birds or pets shall be kept in or upon the leased premises without the Lessor’s written consent? and consent so given may be revoked at any time, provided that this revocation is in writing.

14. RIGHT OF ENTRY - The Lessor may enter upon the leased premises to make repairs thereto, to inspect the premises, or to show the premises to prospective LESSEES. The Lessor may also enter upon the said premises if it appears to have been abandoned by the Lessee or as otherwise permitted by the Law.

15. TERMINATION OF LEASE - At the termination of this lease, the LESSEE shall return the leased premises and all property belonging to the Lessor in good, clean and tenantable order and condition, reasonable wear and tear excepted. In the event of a termination of the Lessee’s status as an employee of UMass Dartmouth, s/he must remove all personal property from the Guest Apartment by the end of the same business day or earlier, if instructed to do so by Human Resources or Public Safety.


_____________________________                                                   _______________
LESSEE                                                                                                             Date


______________________________                                                _______________
LESSOR                                                                                                             Date
(Representing the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)


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