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Policy Number BUS-002
Effective Date September 09, 2010
Responsible Office/Person Administration & Finance



The Commonwealth Office of Vehicle management’s (OVM) policies and procedures manual govern the proper administration of state owned vehicles. For vehicles that are provided to employees as Contractual Fringe benefits, the personal usage of such vehicles must be noted and forwarded to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance for the calculation of “Personal Use Auto” income to be included in the current year’s W-2.

At a minimum, the annual record submitted to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance should include the beginning and ending odometer reading to document the total miles driven by the vehicle each year for a 12 month period. Each mile driven on the vehicle (business and personal) must be accounted for. Beginning and ending readings will be reviewed by the campus Controller for the purposes of determining appropriate personal versus business usage of the vehicle. Beginning odometer readings should be taken each October 1st and ending readings should be completed each September 30th. This will compile the total annual miles for the 12 month period which will be used for the personal/business determination.

This information will be sent to the President’s office to be used to calculate “Personal use Auto” income to be included in the employee’s W-2.


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