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Reserve Guidelines

Policy Number LIB-017
Effective Date September 11, 2010
Responsible Office/Person Library

Reserve Guidelines

To place hard copy materials on Reserve, you have two options:
1. Complete a Reserve Materials form, gather the material and bring it to the Circulation Desk at least three weeks before classes begin. This will guarantee that your material will be "On Reserve" by the first week of classes. Circulation staff will assist you with any problems you might encounter in finding needed material.
2. Complete a Reserve Materials form and send it to the Circulation Desk or e-mail it to We will gather the material for you. This option may present some problems:

  • A. The material may not be available at the Library. Some of the items may need to be recalled from circulation, a one to two week delay, providing the patron returns the item promptly, or purchased, a six to ten week delay.
  • B. Incomplete citations cause delays. All forms should be typed or printed with complete citations for each item.

When filling out the Reserve Materials form, please be sure to include your full name, the course name and number on all pages as well as your signature indicating you have read the copyright compliance clause. Please refer to our Copyright Policy for more information.

All Reserve requests will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Materials will not be available for students' use until fully processed. Please don't give your students reserve assignments before sending the material to the library.

All materials will be taken off reserve at the end of each semester. If the same material is being used for the following semester and complies with the copyright laws, you must contact Jo-Ann Cooley, the reserves supervisor, a month before the new class begins.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please call Jo-Ann Cooley at 999-9170.

In order to make your Reserve assignments as accessible as possible, the following policies have been established:
1. All books, AV materials and photocopies placed on Reserve are available at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the library.

2. Length of loan alternatives are as follows:

  • A. two (2) hours, library use only
  • B. four (4) hours, library use only (videotapes)
  • C. twenty-four (24) hours
  • D. three (3) days
  • E. seven (7) days
  • F. electronic (web copy)
3. In general, the library allows the number of copies of a book or a videotape placed on reserve to be one copy for each twenty-five (25) students.

4. Due to copyright compliance, no more than one (1) photocopy of the same item may be placed on Reserve for more than one term. Pages from work books and answer keys may not be copied at all.

5. The Library can only accommodate up to twenty-five (25) books and/or articles plus twenty-five (25) videotapes per course; therefore, Reserve material should be limited to required readings and/or viewings.

6. The Library reserves the right to place any material on Reserve. This may include titles in high demand and/or titles used as course textbooks.

7. Photocopies of articles placed on Reserve are furnished by the instructor. They will be returned at the end of each semester.

8. Statistics on the total use of each instructor's Reserve items are available after the end of each semester, and are circled after each Reserve number. In accordance with the policy statement of the Intellectual Freedom Committee of the American Library Association, all library circulation records are confidential and we cannot furnish names of individual users.

9. When the instructor provides photocopies and/or unpublished works, he/she must sign the copyright liability clause on the Reserve Materials form or the items will not be placed on Reserve. All items placed on Reserve must comply with the copyright law.
Instructors will be responsible for obtaining copyright permission when necessary. You must be able to provide the Library with a photocopy of the permission form.

10. A clean copy must be turned in for electronic reserves. We reserve the right to reject any pages not legible. We require that e-reserve materials be brought to the circulation desk before 3 pm. E-reserves are always processed as soon as possible; however, due to staff limitations, we require 24-hour notice, Monday through Friday. This does not include weekends or holidays.

11. Passwords are required for all courses on electronic Reserve.

The Library also reserves the right to reject any material that is not in compliance with copyright law.