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Logo and colors

Our logo and signature colors are the primary visual representations of our brand. Consistent treatment across all media is essential as they are the common thread among all forms of communication.

UMassD logo for online or digital (PNG)

The appropriate logos can be downloaded from the links below. Paste or insert them as is into your file. Do not alter or modify the UMassD logo in any way. If you have questions about colors, logo use, or require a logo other than what you find here, contact Michael Mahoney at x8013.

Logo files

Notes on File Formats

  • EPS format is a vector image and is appropriate for commercial offset printing, digital printing and screen printing (on fabric, pens, etc.)
  • PNG format is raster image and is not scalable without degradation of the image quality.
  • Use EPS files whenever possible. They will scale to any size without degrading.
  • PNG format is most suitable for web applications

UMassD Blue

UMassD Blue

UMassD Blue is our primary color. This dark blue represents strength and reliability—qualities embodied by our students, faculty and staff.  

PMS 2955
C: 100 M: 78 Y:36 K:28
R:0  G:55  B:100 

UMassD Gold

UMassD Gold

UMassD Gold is our main accent color. Bright, warm and energizing, this complements UMassD Blue.  

PMS 1235C (use this when printing on coated paper)
PMS 121U (use this when printing on uncoated paper)
C: 0 M: 29 Y:91 K:0
R:255  G:185  B:21