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Standard operating procedures and objectives

  • Policy: To maintain high standards of professionalism through comprehensive and standardized training of all UMass Dartmouth police recruits.
  • Statement: The Colonel and the administrative staff are committed to offering new police recruits the best training available. An 8-week field training and evaluation program will provide the recruit with a thorough knowledge of department policies and procedures, as well as rules and regulations. In addition, recruits will be assigned to a primary Field Training Officer who will train first and then evaluate using standardized training and evaluation guidelines. The FTEP is managed by the FTEP Coordinator who reports the recruits’ progress directly to the FTEP Commander.
  • The goal of this 8-week program is to provide the recruits with every opportunity to succeed and to prepare them in their role as competent "solo" patrol officers with an intimate knowledge of the job as well as an understanding of the university community that they will be serving. The program consists of four phases; each phase is a two-week period and will focus on standardized training and evaluation guidelines which will be reviewed daily in the form of a "Daily Observation Report" or DOR.
  • Objectives
  • Provide a structured, standardized learning experience in preparation for the recruit officer's solo assignment
  • Transfer and apply academy training to the real problems and situations of an officer's daily patrol activities
  • Provide a mentor, guide, advisor, and role model in the form of a Field Training Officer (FTO)
  • Provide documented evaluation of recruit performance in order to validate selection procedures, assist in retention/termination decisions, defend against any liability claims and to determine readiness for "solo" patrol duties
  • Produce a competent police officer, capable of working a solo patrol assignment in a safe, skillful, productive and professional manner
  • Provide standardized training to all newly assigned officers in the practical application of learned information
  • Provide clear standards for rating and evaluations which give all trainees every reasonable opportunity to succeed
  • Establish career paths within the program, providing officers with additional training and opportunities to develop leadership skills necessary for advancement
  • Enhance the professionalism, job skills, and ethical standards of UMass Dartmouth Police Officers

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