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The goals and objectives of our crime prevention programs are to maintain public awareness of crime on campus, provide preventive safety measures regarding both personal safety and property, proactively review lighting and brush issues on campus and to research new methods to reduce crime and the fear of crime on campus.

An important element in crime prevention is educating members of the campus community on how to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of personal or property crime. For this reason, the department has a certified Crime Prevention Officer/Coordinator dedicated full-time to many crime prevention programs.

Electronic Registration Program

Registration will effectively assist in reducing theft and aiding in recovery:

  • When a laptop or other electronic device is registered with University Police, the registration number is stored in a database, along with the owner's name and contact information so that he or she can be easily notified, if the laptop is recovered.
  • A registered device will decrease the possibility of your laptop being stolen, while increasing the probability of it being recovered.
  • A device with a registered serial number if found, may aid in establishing the laptop was stolen, even though it had not yet been reported.

Laptop Registration Form (PDF)‌
Call x8770, Officer Amanda Mullaly to make an appointment so we can register your device. It is never too late!

For more information on crime prevention, contact Crime Prevention Officer Amanda Mullaly: x8770 (508-999-8770) or email her.

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